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Gummy and Mini are the children. Kitty is their grandmother.

Users Shipped

Seggum, Minithepeanut, Kittycat1010

Start Date of Ship

4th of November, 2011

Ship Status

So Canon it Hurts

Type of Ship

Tri-Pairing, Grandchildren/Grandmother, Friendship

Individual Pairings

Gummenu, Gummykitty1010, and Minicat1010

See Also

The Roar Family

Gumminitty1010 is the tri-pairing of Gummy (Seggum), Minithepeanut and Kittycat1010. For the individual pairings see Gummenu, Minicat1010 and GummyKitty1010.


  • The three of them often talk to each other on Victorious chat for hours.
  • They were all involved in the making of the individual pairing pages.
  • Gummy has tried to hug war with both of them.
  • Gummy told Mini and Kitty that the icarly chat has new emoticons.
  • Mini invented a game on chat called Mini's wheel of fortune and Gummy and Kitty were the ones playing. (Plus Fork joined in briefly, but only ended up killing Gummy.)


  • The picture for this ship was chosen while Mini, Gummy and Kitty were looking for pictures for the Gummenu page.
  • They all like carebears and unicorns.