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Gleek and Kittygirl

Shipped Users:

Gleek62442, Kittygirl7878

Ship status:


Type of ship:


Start of Relationship

July 26, 2011

Glittygirl is the pairing between Gleek62442 and Kittygirl7878. They are besties.


first glittygirl moment :D


  • They both met on the Victorious Wiki.
  • Gleek commented on a blog and Kittygirl agreed with him "on the gayness part."[1]
  • Gleek asked what the official colors of Rebbie were and Kittygirl replied blue and grey.
  • They are both near the first places on the Victorious Wiki Leaderboard. HA! We totally PWNED you guise!!
  • Kittygirl always supports Gleek and Gleek supports Kittygirl too.
  • Kittygirl always makes sure that Gleek does not get hurt.
  • On the Glee wiki, when Gleek got blocked, Kittygirl thought it was unfair and tried talking to the admins to get him unblocked (and failed).


  • They both love Robbie and Matt with a burning passion.
  • They are both recommended to be an admin of the Wiki in a blog. [2]
  • They both know lots of codes.
  • They are best friends.
  • They both have similar opinions.
  • They both ship Reck.
  • They both support gay rights.
  • Clifford's "jokes" are the only ones Sonja understands and laughs at.
  • This pairing is the only pairing that Sonja ships.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Song: Broken Glass, it's a song Robbie wrote himself.

Game: Spin-A-Ma-Jig, because Robbie owns one.

Number: 10, because Sonja's the 10th user to sign up.[3]

Color: I'd say Blue-grey, because Clifford asked what was the official color for Rebbie and this is what Sonja replied.

Food: Pizza, because Robbie dressed up as a pizza in The Diddly-Bops.

Mascot: Puppets, because Robbie owns one.

Place: BadeForever's Survey Blog, because that's where they met.

Website:, because they're both obsessed with Matt Bennett.