Gleek and Kitty

Shipped Users:

Gleek62442, Kittycat1010

Ship status:


Type of Ship:


Glittycat is the pairing between Gleek62442 and Kittycat1010. They are both good friends.


  • When Kitty was having some trouble with uploading photos on the wikia, Gleek helped her out.
  • Gleek helps Kitty a lot on the Wikia when it comes to using codes on the wikia.
  • When Kitty asked Gleek if she can make a pairing page Gleek agreed.
  • When Gleek said he wanted to leave the Wiki, Kitty felt bad about it.
  • Kitty tends to imagine Gleek as a younger version of Matt Bennett.
  • Kitty was the 24th signature in the "Let's Get Gleek62442 Back!" blog.


  • They are both Asian.
  • They both like Matt Bennett.
  • They both ship Bori and Cabbie.
  • They both are in each other's friends list.
  • They both like Trina.