General Information
Shipped Users Gleek62442 and Minithepeanut
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship Friends
Start of Relationship October 15, 2011... or August 12 or something xP>

Gleanut is the user-ship pairing of Gleek62442 and Minithepeanut


WOOO! Acceptance!!!!


  • Gleek met her in Mrdillfenster's tv show blog.
  • Gleek said he accepts that she doesn't like Harry Potter or Glee.
  • Mini asked for Gleek's help with editing her signature and Gleek sent detailed instructions on how to do so.
    • When Mini still couldn't figure it out, she kept her signature plain, but thanked Gleek anyway.
  • They follow each other on tumblr.
  • Gleek asked Mini if she would like to be friends besides their differences. (Gleek is a diehard HP and Glee fan and Mini doesn't like them.)
  • Mini said that their differences didn't matter.
  • Gleek convinced Mini to change Trade from a 'Ship [She] Does Not Ship' to a Ship [She] Likes, But Does Not Ship.
  • Mini was one of the people that convinced Gleek to ship Bade.
  • Mini asked Gleek if he wanted her to make a pairing page named either Gleenut or Gleanut. Gleek said yes and chose the name Gleanut.
  • In one of the Off-Topic Blog Comments, where everyone was posting pictures of themselves (Gleek was among them) - Mini said "Aww, everyone looks so purty and beautiful"
  • In Kelsijo1's Off Topic Blog 10 when Ant wrote a code that makes the person who is reading it's

    Mini admitting the truth.

    username appear followed by, be mine, Gleek responded with a gif that said My body is ready. Mini thought this was hilarious and wrote Gleek wins at life.
  • Mini was the fourteenth person to sign up on the Let's Get Gleek Back! blog, and she even wanted to put her changed signature down a second time when they were running short.
  • They both fear what would happen if Nwachukwu4 became an admin.
  • Gleek has said that he hates when people call him Gleek, then on chat, everyone was telling Mini not to call him Gleek, but Mini did anyway and said "I ALWAYS AND FOREVER WILL CALL YOU GLEEK!" Then Gleek said that Mini was the only one allowed to call him Gleek.


  • They both ship Cabbie, Bori, Reck, Tandre, Catrina, Jori, Tribbie, and Candre.
  • They both have tumblr and follow each other.
  • They both love Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Wizards of Waverly Place, Spongebob Squarepants, That's So Raven, Suite Life of Zack and Cody, dogs, chocolate, Disney Channel, swimming, The Sims, God and Jesus.
  • They both hate homophobes, Twilight, Degrassi, abortions, The New Disney, racism, sexism and discrimination of any kind, puppy mills, haters, South Park, hypocrites, drugs, wars, when there's no tissues and you have to use toilet paper, most Dreamworks movies and a bunch of other stuff.
  • They both have 150+ gifs saved on their computers.
  • They both have the same STYLE (Don't ask what the style is. It's hard to explain. Just take our word for it that we have the same STYLE.)