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Clicky to giffy ;) (Leo is Twilight, Fork is Fluttershy, and Gummy is Pinkie... BUTT OUT.)

Shipped Users

Forever Obssesed, Seggum and Mrs.leohoward

Start Date of Ship

November, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


ForeverWeggyHoward is the pairing between ForeverObssesed, Seggum, and Mrs.leohoward. They are all best friends.


  • They always go on Victorious Wiki Chat.
  • They all love the word "Pae" and they are the only people who know that that means.
  • They spent a good amount of time thinking of a name for the pairing.
  • They all had a competition to see who would get the first comment.
  • Seggum and MLH both were devistated when they realized FO was driving apart from them *cough*


  • They all love Joshyyy and Peeta!!!
  • They usually meet up on Saturdays on chat

    Amazing-ness...right here!


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