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Bestiieee friendssss

Shipped users:

FO and Grace

Type of ship:


Ship Status:

Cyber Sisters

Start date of relationship:

November 21, 2011

ForeverToria is the pairing of Forever/Obssesed and Vic/toria (Graceyn). They are currently the very best of friends. They are also sisters. This is a family/friendship pairing. They are very close... :D


  • FO has stated that Vic is awesome many times.
  • Marsy and Vic went on a separate chat just to talk to each other.
  • Vic and Mars Bar RPed MissVilo. although their RP was pretty messed up
  • They are both on each other's friends list. BEFORE FO DELETED HERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Vic asked FO how awesome she was. She answered VERY.
  • Some of Vic's talk page is cluttered up with FO's messages.
  • They are pretty similar.
  • Vic said that FO's profile pic was epic.
  • Vilo hurt Vic's feelings, so FO challenged Vilo to a fight.
  • On tinychat, Vic's nickname was- thingtwolovesfo.
  • On tinychat, FO's nickname was- iluvgrace. (Vic's nickname).
  • FO is the only one Vic really, truly, can tell anything to other than Carlaay and Gummy and MLH.
  • They are as close as peanut butter is to jelly on a sandwich.
  • Vic joined chat just because FO was on.
  • Vic is going to move from Jupiter to Mars to meet FO.
  • FO was Vic's first absolute BFFL on this wiki.
  • FO respects Vic's love for horses.
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    FO (left) and Grace (right)

  • They stick together like glue.
  • FO and Vic will never, ever leave sides.
  • Vic said FO was the funniest person ever.
  • They are closer than your pairing with your best friend. They both agree.
  • Vic dedicated four songs to FO.
  • Vic said she loved FO more than anyone else on the wiki did. This is very true.
  • This is Vic's favorite page to edit and she said it herself.
  • FO loves Vic's profile.
  • Vic is very afraid of losing FO.
  • This is one of the awesomest ships ever. Re: one of.
  • This is what they do whenever they come on chat- FOOOOOOOOO and GRAAAAAAAAAACEEEEE.
  • This is both one of their OTPs.
  • They always stand up for each other.
  • Vic goes to FO when her feelings are hurt, because she knows FO will kill that person.
  • FO shall forever protect Grace no matter what *stares*.
  • FO respects Vic's love for Taylor.
  • FO fixed Vic's profile when she, on accident, deleted everything.
  • Both of them pushed Vilo to the limit about BROMANCE.
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    FO (left) and Grace (right)

  • Vic went to FO on tinychat with personal reasons.
  • Vic really did not want anyone on tinychat except for her and FO.
  • FO is the first person on Vic's friend list.
  • Vic has three nicknames for FO- Marsy, Mars Bar, and Marsy Bar.
  • They became best friends within 2 days.
  • Vic only spoke on tinychat because FO wanted her too.
  • FO said Vic sang well.
  • They wished each other the best Christmas ever.
  • FO got mad when Vic said she might not be on before New Years.
  • They have sang Moves Like Jagger in chat.
  • Vic PMed FO about something very, very personal.
  • Both gave each other Christmas gifts.
  • Vic asked FO to do a favor for her, and she said "Yes, anything."
  • FO agreed to do the favor.
  • FO said Vic had a cute voice (even though Vic isn't 10, FO still said that).
  • Vic sometimes thinks FO is as great as a real life friend.
  • Vic demanded Mini to make this pairing a userbox. She loves Mini very much. See how much she loves this pairing?
  • They both agreed this was the best ship ever on chat.
  • Both agree that they hate it when these two users get all mushy. >:)
  • Grace corrected FO's grammar and mistakes on the ForeverDeni page, and is excited to see her reaction!
  • They both said this was the best ship ever. yeah, because it is
  • They called each other soul sisters <3
  • When Grace couldn't choose between ForeverDead or ForeverToria FO said YOU BETTER PICK FOREVERTORIA, so Grace did, and then FO said GOOD.
  • They roleplayed MissVilo (Grace was MLH & FO was Vilo).


  • They are soul sisters.
  • They chat A LOT.
  • Vic will probably leave the wiki if FO leaves.
  • Vic left a message on FO's talk page saying she missed her.
  • They both have all the same favorite colors- purple, blue, and black.
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    Grace (left) and FO (right)

  • They mean a lot to each other.
  • They are sisters that never fight.
  • They love each other in a sisterly way.
  • They both have/had profile pics of animated birds from Disney.
  • They both love peace signs.
  • They have a lot in common.
  • Vic gave FO the nickname Mars Bar and she doesn't call her anything but Mars Bar.
  • Vic knows FO's internet name and FO knows Vic's real name.
  • They've been on different wiki chats just to talk to each other.
  • FO knows Vic's birthday.
  • Both are Christians (:P)
  • Both ship Candre, Cori, Bat and Cade.
  • Both think the movie Matilda is better than the movie/musical Annie.
    Tumblr l8nt6mrHXd1qbh9x0o1 500

    FO (left) and Grace (right)

  • They both heart cookie dough ice cream.
  • They both love CUPCAKES!
  • Both have the same favorite number. (7) ;)
  • They both are 9gaggers.

Ships Related To ThisEdit

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Grace (left) and FO (right)

• Eliana (Liz Gillies & Ariana Grande), except even more close than them.

Offical AnimalEdit

• Horse, because Vic loves horses and goes on and on about them. FO doesn't seem to care.

Official ColorEdit

• Purple, because it's Vic's favorite color and one of FO's.

Official PlaceEdit

• Victorious Wiki chat room, because it's where they met.

Official MascotEdit

• Bird, because FO's profile pic was of a bird and Vic thought it was beast.

Official SongEdit

  • Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5, because FO and Vic sang that together on chat.