ForeverLeoToria is the tri-pairing of ForeverObssesed, Mrs.leohoward, and Graceyn (Victoria). They are all very epic people.

For the single pairings of this tri-pairing, see ForeverToria, ForeverLeoHoward, and Garace.

Vic (left), MLH (middle), and FO (right)


  • All three of them have been together on chat a lot.
  • All three are on each other's friends lists.
  • Vic has stated MLH and FO are two of her favorite people to chat with.
  • All three of them became sisters.
  • They all support each other thoroughly.
  • They are all very awesome and all agree on this.
  • They all really like this pairing.
  • All agreed on being sisters.
  • All of them are epically close and adorable.
  • Both FO and MLH know Victoria's age.
  • They always have a blast together and that will never change.
  • All three could not be any closer.
  • They are all very similar.
  • They all high 5 each other a lot.
  • All love chocolate. Once they even said CHOCOLATE FTW in chat. Who doesn't like chocolate?


  • They always stick together.
  • All three of them are sisters.
  • They all have a lot in common.
  • They all use the emoticon xD a lot.
  • They consider each other the very best of friends.
  • This is a canon pairing.
  • This is very awesome, and they agree.
  • This is one of the best pairings ever.
  • This is one of the best tri-pairings ever.
  • All are girls obviously.
  • They all ship Cori and Candre (I think...)
  • They never let each other down.
  • They are all holy awesome.
  • All heart Victorious duh.
  • They are always there to protect each other.
  • This page is very awesome and they all agree.

Pairings Like this ShipEdit

• The threesome pairing of Liz Gillies/Ariana Grande/Daniella Monet, although a lot closer.

Official AnimalsEdit

  • Deer, because deer are so lovable and gentle.

Official SongEdit

  • Umbrella by Rihanna, because it describes their relationship perfectly.