Shipped Users:

Mrs.leohoward and ForeverObssesed


The most canon a canon ship can be

Type of Ship:

Cyber siblings

Start Date of Relatiosnhip:

Middle of 2011

ForeverLeoHoward is the AWESOME pairing of Mrs.leohoward and ForeverObssesed. They've known each other for quite a while and seem to be AWESOME friends.


  • MLH says she cares about FO.
  • FO is interested in MLH's "love life" (her crush xD).
  • FO says she loves MLH's randomness.
  • When MLH became a ChatMod FO congratulated her.
  • When FO became a ChatMod MLH congratulated her.
  • When MLH became an admin FO congratulated her.
  • They're both most likely always on chat.
  • MLH came up with their ship name, and FO instantly loved it.
  • They talk on each other's talk pages from time to time.
  • They're two of the people that know about Seggum's embarassing moment *cough*.
  • When FO came on chat, MLH said chat became 1 million times better.
  • FO says she loves annoying MLH.
  • Once when FO's chat was "wonky", they both went to this wiki's chat and had a competition to see who got on chat first. MLH won.
  • MLH gave FO some cyber doritos and water.
  • MLH was telling FO that Fishy is boring, and then when Fishy came, they both got scared.
  • MLH is obsessed with asking people to screenshot moments one of those people is FO.
  • MLH obsessed over making this page longer 'cuz ForeverLeoHoward is just that awesome.
  • They have both declaring to be long lost sisters because they have almost everything in common.
  • MLH was making sure FO added thier userbox to her page. Apparently, FO was too lazy to put the userbox on her page, so MLH willingly did it for her.
  • MLH is afraid of losing FO to someone else on the wiki. She loves FO very much. <3
  • When MLH messed up FO's profile a little (Hehehe...xD), FO didn't get mad at all.
  • FO wished MLH good luck with her and her crush and said they sound like a good match.
  • When FO was telling MLH about Deadman and Vilo's pairing, MLH said Vilo's cartoon character was good looking, and FO threatened to print screen that and show Vilo. :3
  • They are the only people who know what "his hair" means exactly. MLH had given FO complete detail.
  • MLH gave FO a code on her crushes.
  • FO used MLH's Quote Template on the Victorious Wiki. See! They both have similar taste in music.
  • FO helpes MLH crash Ciria's chat and failed deeply..
  • FO gave MLH coffee.
  • FO gave MLH a huge questionaire.

Trivia and Stuff They Have In CommonEdit

  • They both love Josh Hutcherson.

    JOSHYYYY!!!! PEETA!!!!! xD ♥

  • They both have black, blue, and purple as their favorite colors.
  • They have the same tastes.
  • FO respects MLH's love for Peeta and the Hunger Games!
  • Joshy will bring them ice cream when they need it.
  • The peace sign smiley in the chat room is "their little secret".
  • Joshy is also their "little secret".
  • Both of thier nicknames involve all capital letter; MLH and FO.
  • They both love HIS HAIR.
  • They both like Demi Lovato.

Stuff That Represents This Awesomesauce PairingEdit

Official Animal:Edit

Official Celebrity: Josh Hutcherson, because they both obsess over him.Edit

Official Song:Edit

Official Food:Edit

Officla Color: Blue, black, and purple mixed together, just 'cuz.Edit

Official condiment: Suga and salt, because FO asked MLH if she preferred suga or salt.Edit


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