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haha just like Cat (FO) and Tori (Az)

Shipped Users

ForeverObssesed and Azulatatis

Start Date of Ship

April 14, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


This is the friendship between ForeverObssesed & Azulatatis. They were friends since a long time and ForeverObssesed was the 2nd friend Azulatatis got on the Victorious Wiki.

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • Azula is FO's spanish teacher.
  • Both had their "crazy" moments.
  • They both are part of their "group" (FO, TM, JP, AZ, BTR & NJ).
  • They spend really good moments with each other.
  • FO was the second person AZ met.
  • They love to joke with the other.
  • Forever nicknamed Azulatatis AZ.
  • They are both addicted to 9gag.
  • Azula introduced Forever to 9gag.
  • Both are super crazy people.