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Emily and Carlaay

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September 17, 2011

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Emilaay is the pairing of StraightACarlaay and Nirenberge213 (Emil/y and Carl/aay). The two are best friends.


  • Emily went to the wiki that StraightACarlaay created and complimented her on making the wiki (Victorious Fanstories Wiki). you should go there, by the way, because it's awesome.
  • On a friends blog on the Victorious Wiki, StraightACarlaay wrote that she wanted to be Emily's friend.
  • Emily then left StraightACarlaay a message asking her to be friends.
  • Carlaay complimented Emily's profile picture and asked if it was her. (jokingly)
  • The two often talk about the new episodes of iCarly and Victorious.
  • They have a little joke about Carlaay's violin lessons.
  • They agree that they could be sisters considering their math and homework habits.
  • Emily was curious about what Carlaay shipped, and Carlaay told her. Emily then was fascinated that she was neutral to shipping because she's an obsessive shipper that can't control her fangirl-y-ness.
  • Emily apologized for not being online as much as she wants to, because of her schedule, and Carlaay immediately forgave her.
  • They bonded on how much they hate math.
  • They bonded on how fun horseback riding is.
  • Emily was happy for Carlaay when she got contact lenses.
  • Carlaay told Emily to tell her sister good luck with contacts.
  • Emily told Carlaay she was super sweet. which she is.
  • Carlaay told Emily that she was really sweet. And then teased her and said that she was secretly a bully.
  • Carlaay told Emily to have fun at Science Camp.
  • Carlaay missed Emily while she was gone for a week.

    Emily (Ariana) and StraightACarlaay (Miranda).

  • They both agreed that boys are funny but can be really disgusting.
  • They both hate dislike LMFAO. (the band)
  • Emily teased Carlaay about being a priss.
  • They started to do a strike war. Every message they leave has an insult stricken out and a regular message along with it.
  • Emily told Carlaay that she loves her.
  • Carlaay said that they needed a page on this wiki, and Emily agreed.
  • Emily told MLH that Carlaay is awesome.
  • Both of them like Lady Gaga.
  • Carlaay teased Emily by saying that she smells of Red Foo and Sky Blu, which are the members of
    LMFAO, which, as stated above, they both hate. Okay, Carlaay's "hate" totally wore off, but she still thinks they're hilariously bad.
  • Emily and Carlaay both love the children's TV show Dragon Tales!
  • Carlaay and Emily use the ILYMTYLM acronym a lot (as seen in Ccarlaay too). :D
  • Carlaay is SO sad that Emily left the Victorious wiki. Emily was one of her first besties, and they'll keep in touch over twitter or else!
  • They both find Bat cute and love Ariana Grande's covers.
  • Carlaay said that the name for this ship is awesome. which it is.
  • Dragon Tales

    Dragon Tales, Dragon Tales, it's almost time for Dragon Tales!