Zendaya (Emily) and Bella (Marie) are also dancers.

Shipped Users

Emily and Marie

Start of Relationship

June 17, 2011 (first talk page message)



Type of Ship

Dance Besties!

EmDANCE is the friendship pairing of Nirenberge213 (Emily) and Cat'n'Jade_DANCE (Marie). They are known as "Dance Besties" and have been friends for 5 months.

Relationship DynamicEdit

These two are absolute besties, so they can be seen as sisters, or a love/love relationship. or whatever cheesy chiz that means besties. They both vent to each other about anything from ships to dance (mostly dance), and they trust each other completely.


  • Emily left Marie a message long ago asking to be friends.
  • Marie replied like a month later and said she'd love to be friends.
  • Marie also told Emily (after she said that she wanted to be friends) that she seemed like a really nice person and she was glad that they're friends.
  • Marie asked if Emily was called anything besides Nirenberge213, and Emily told her that she can call her...well...Emily.
  • Marie went ballistic when Emily became a Bade shipper.
  • Marie saw the userbox on the Victorious Wiki for MLH/Emily, and she asked Emily if they could make a userbox for them. She also called them best friends.
  • They both were super excited when they found out they both dance.
  • Marie is always leaving Emily messages asking if she wants to talk.
  • Marie chose Emily to be one of the co-presidents on the Victorious Wiki News Team.
  • Marie said on MLH's talk page that Emily is one of her closest friends.
  • Marie told Emily what she was going to be for Halloween, and asked what she was going to be.
  • She also complimented her profile picture.
  • Marie asked Emily what her birthday party theme should be.
  • Emily responded saying that her theme should be either mustaches or something to do with music. classic Emily
  • Almost every message Marie leaves on Emily's talk page, she always puts their userbox in the message.
  • Marie asked Emily if she was auditioning for any Summer Intensive dance programs.
  • Marie congratulated Emily when she went up a level and got into pre-pointe.
  • Marie promised Emily that when she got her pointe shoes, she would give her all the tips she could.
  • Emily was extremely upset when Marie pulled her hamstring.
  • Once, they were on chat together and bonded over développés.
  • Marie wanted to make this page. and look what happened! the page is here!
  • Emily left Marie a birthday message, and Marie thanked her for it.
  • Marie left Emily a message saying that the name for this ship must have the word "dance" in it. voila!