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Shipped Users:

ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie and KatyKat20

Start Date of Ship:

January 2011 (almost a year!)

Type of Ship:


ElectricKat is the pairing of ElectricMeadowsOfSeddie (Mea) and KatyKat20 (Nikki) (Electric/MeadowsOfSeddie and Katy/Kat/20). They are absolute best friends and their friendship could NEVER be ruined.

Friendship MomentsEdit

  • Mea's first conversation with Nikki was about how much they enjoyed Bat. They then found out that they like the same ships.
  • They talked about how Nick has a stupid airing schedule and what Disney shows they hated and liked.
  • Mea taught Nikki how to make a userbox.
  • They were on vacation at the same time and they each talked about them on their talk pages.
  • They reply random stuff to each other on blogs.
  • Before Mea left, Nikki used to talk to her ALL THE TIME.
  • Nikki is worried that she'll never get to talk to Mea again because the last time they talked was back in August :'( She is so worried about her, it haunts her in her sleep.


  • They both love Bat so much, they explode when you come near.
  • ElectricCat was one of Nikki's first friends and vice-versa.
  • They have had many times where they talked about how awesome Bat and Seddie were.
  • They both love Demi Lovato.
  • They both ship Tribbie and Jandre as well.
  • They agree on too many things. LOL