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DryYoshi and Kittygirl7878

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DryKitty is the pairing of DryYoshi and Kittygirl7878. They are pretty good friends.


  • When Yoshi said that in the Dutch version of Prom Wrecker, when Tori said that she loved proms, it was translated to "balls", which would make Tori said "I love balls". When Kitty read that, she put it on the innuendo page, which made Yoshi very happy.
  • After Kitty told Yoshi that she was the one who added that, Yoshi said that after that he would shut up about it.
  • When Yoshi comments something on a new episode coming out, Kitty will sometimes reply to it.
  • Yoshi commented on Kitty's blog about Robbie getting bad luck that she forgot a moment of Robbie's bad luck. Yoshi also said that he agrees with how bad it is for Robbie to get bad luck.
  • On another one of Kitty's blogs, which was about why people hate Robbie, Yoshi said that he liked Robbie.

They made the first two comments on a blog.


  • Both of them like Robbie's Broken Glass song.
  • Both of them like the innuendo page.