A pic of Denise eating CxC.

Shipped users:

Denise and Catxcrazy

Type of ship:


Ship status:


Denixcrazy is the pairing of Denise and Catxcrazy. (Deni/se + Cat/xcrazy). They met on chat and instantly liked each other because they boy are random and crazy people.


  • They both love cheese
  • They both are crazy people
  • Cheese
  • They met on the Victorious wikia chat

Denixcrazy MomentsEdit

  • Catxcrazy helped Denise look for a name for a new username
  • Catxcrazy makes Denise laugh often...
  • Denise tried to make Catxcrazy stay on the wikia
  • Denise was proud when Catxcrazy made 250 edits on this wiki.


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