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Ms. reference (left) Catxcrazy (right)

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Catxcrazy and Ms.reference

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Crazyxreference is the pairing of Catxcrazy and Ms.reference.


  • When Ms. reference was bummed not having any pairing, Catxcrazy was first to suggest a pairing with her
  • Ms. reference and Catxcrazy (along with JP and Songbird) RPed on chat
  • Catxcrazy was the first person to comment on ms. reference's blog (Random Facts About You)
  • They were having a 'XD' war on chat. Cxc SO won
  • When Ref needed help with her update thingy, Cxc helped her.
  • Muchele said Reffy was really weird when she first met her.
  • Reffy likes to bug Muchele about how much she loves Gleekxcrazy, and how she's in denial about loving him, but Muchele doesn't love him. She likes him as a friend.


  • The both love The Key Of Awesome.
  • They both edit The Key Of Awesome Wiki.
  • Catxcrazy made Ms. reference an admin on The Key Of Awesome Wiki.
  • They both love How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
  • Ms. reference was the second person to sign up to keep CXC from leaving.
  • They're both obsessed with tinychat.
  • They both love another girl named Cait.
  • They both love another girl named Taya.
  • They always PM each other on chat.
  • They both lurve to RP.
  • Reffy loves to give Muchele cyber-hugs.
  • They follow each other on tumblr.