Crazaay is the magnificent friendship pairing of Crazy101Wiki and StraightACarlaay.


  • Crazy calls Carlaay nice and sweet a lot.
  • They've known each other for a while.
  • They chat almost every day.
  • They follow each other on Twitter.
  • Whenever Carlaay comes on chat, Crazy goes "OMGEEE STARLESS!"
  • Crazy calls Carlaay "Starless" because she is not a chat moderator on the Victorious Roleplaying Wiki.
  • Crazy thinks Carlaay loves her >:D (she really does)
  • Crazy proposed to Carlaay, and Carlaay agreed so Crazy would make this page. But Crazy has rejected Carlaay because she has found the love of her life. (<-- yes that link doesn't work cause she doesn't have a page yet. So what!?)
  • They have common interests..

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