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Vic (left) and Ciria (right)

Ciraceyn is the pairing of Cir/ia and Gr/aceyn. This ship could also be called Viciria or Ciratoria because Graceyn's pen name on here is Victoria.

They are currently cyber-sisters. They were previously friends, good friends, and best friends. Ciria was Vic's first friend on the Truly Victorious forum.


  • Ciria was the first person to call Vic Grace, other than FO.
  • Ciria was the first person to leave a message on Vic's talk page.
  • Ciria made a talk page title titled GRACE!!!!
  • Ciria was the first person to know Vic's real name, although she PMed InsaneBlueberry (Liz) shortly after.
  • Ciria was also the first person to know Vic on the Truly Victorious forum.
  • Whenever Ciria comes on chat, Vic does this- CIR<3333
  • Ciria called Vic's story about the Truly Victorious gang completey messed up. To Vic, this is a compliment.
  • Vic gives very mean and cruel intros when coming into the TVF chat box. Ciria said that they were lovely.
  • They once chatted till 11:30 PM.
  • Vic and Ciria have killed each other many times. They have drowned each other and pushed each other off of mountains. Cool, right?
  • Vic said Ciria was one of her overall best friends on the forum and on the wiki.
  • Once, when Vilo and MLH were going on chat alone, Ciria said "WHATEVER. I STILL HAVE GRACE." and Vic said "I STILL HAVE CIR KIR."
  • Vic gave Ciria two nicknames- Square and Cir Kir. Ciria likes both names.
  • Both agreed that Vilo's comments were a fail.
  • Vic always drowns, shoots, or stabs Ciria, whenever she's on the TVF.
  • Ciria agreed with Vic's opinion on the show Once Upon a Time.
  • Ciria once made Vic three userboxes- in one night.
  • Vic gave Ciria pictures to make the Lilo userbox. Ciria commented back saying, "NO, THAT'S TOO SWEET FOR VILO."
  • When Vic heard Ciria's voice, she said it was very nice.
  • Vic loves Ciria very much, and always says this.
  • Vic said, if stuck on an island, she would eat Ciria last. Ciria said, "Love you, Grace<333"
  • Vic loves killing Ciria, as much as she loves Ciria, and how wrong that is.
  • Vic dared Ciria to make a blog post called I Love Vilo and saying why she loved Vilo. Ciria said FU, Grace, FU. Then Vic commented saying "Indeed >:)" and Ciria commented back, "FU <3".
  • Ciria said she really liked Vic's story.
  • Both have seen pictures of each other.
  • Ciria said Vic is beautiful.
  • Vic called Ciria beautiful as well.
  • They agree that they are Lovatoics for life.
  • Ciria said that she and Vic have no similar music tastes, besides the fact that they both love Demi Lovato.
  • Vic posed as Demi Lovato as a joke on the TVF and made Demi be in love with Ciria. This probably irritated Ciria, but Vic is sure Ciria actually loved it.
  • Both told each other to GTFO and STFU.
  • Both had a long discussion about how amazing Lilo is.
  • They TROLOLOLOED together.
  • Vic made a troll named L1L1 and Ciria said she LMAO'ed a lot.
  • They switched places on two users. >:)
  • They both sent their vampires to go out to get each other. :)>
  • Vic gave Ciria a grammar lesson on your and you're. Then she said, "CROSS THAT OFF THE LIST! GIVING SOMEONE OLDER THAN ME A GRAMMAR LESSON!"
  • Ciria always says thank you sarcastically after Vic corrects her grammar.


  • They both love each other very much.
  • Ciria was Vic's first cyber-sister.
  • Vic considers Ciria as her best friend on the Truly Victorious forum
  • Vic has Ciria on her friends list. (Ciria does not have a list).
  • They are two completely insane people.
  • They both love Victorious. (Duh).
  • Ciria willingly made a userbox for this.
  • They are very thankful for each other.
  • They both are girls obviously.
  • Both ship Candre and Tribbie.
  • They always stick up for each other.
  • They both equally hate Cabbie. >:P
  • They both love Demi Lovato <3
  • Both are the number one fans of Lilo.

Ships Related to ThisEdit

  • Elitoria (Victoria Justice and Liz Gillies), although a lot closer.

Official AnimalEdit

  • Horses, because Vic goes on about horses and Ciria doesn't seem to care.