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Cc71 and Graceyn

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Mother/daughter ;)

Cctoria is the pairing of Cc71 and Graceyn, aka Victoria (Cc/71 and Vic/toria). It can also be called Ccrace (Cc/71 and G/race/yn).


  • Cc started a convo with Victoria on her talk page.
  • Victoria wanted to be adopted into the Roar Family, and Cc offered to do so.
  • Victoria wanted to create this page with Cc. They had a discussion over what the page should be named.
  • Vic included CC in her friends list. So did CC.
  • Vic really does love CC a lot.
    1355 Mare-and-Foal web

    Vic (left) and CC (right)

  • Vic thinks CC is one of the sweetest girls ever.
  • They are close friends.
  • CC was Vic's first wiki friend.
  • Slowly, CC is becoming one of Vic's sisters. which is kinda messed up since Cc is Vic's mom in The Roar Family.
  • CC thinks Vic is very sweet and kind.
  • Vic KNOWS CC is one of the best people ever.
  • Cc loves Vic too and thinks all the moments Vic added are super sweet.
  • They both consider each other good friends besties ♥.
  • Cc thought it was sweet that Vic has a special spot for their userbox on her userpage. Vic responded, saying, "Of course it deserved a special spot. IT WAS MADE BY YOU<3".
  • Cc was really sad when Vic told her she wanted to leave the wiki.
  • Cc offered to stab whoever was hating on Vic with a stick, and Vic responded with hearts.
  • Cc and Grace made their OCs on the Roleplaying wiki to be twins!
    • When Grace abandoned her character, Cc was disappointed.
  • Cc called Gracey Elena when she asked peeps too.
  • Grace gave Cc a shoutout on Vocaroo.
  • Gracey made Cc KB her and then tried to make people think Cc was a bad mod.
  • Cc saw Gracey's pic and said she was really pretty. :D
  • Cc is sad that this page is abandoned. We'll see when the next moment is.


  • Cc is Victoria's mom in The Roar Family.
  • They are very close.
  • They both hate homework.
  • CC is Vic's advice-giver along with Carlaay. although this page is for Cctoria, not GraceACarlaay so why did Vic even say that?
  • They are quite similar.
  • Vic considers CC as one of her best friends.
  • Both are on each other's friends lists.
  • Both like Spish and Tibby on iCarly.
  • Cctoria is the featured ship for January 2012! How epic is that?<3
  • Vic has a special nickname for Cc: Cherry Coke. Isn't that sweet? XD
  • They're both in The Cheese Family.
  • They're both in The Sisterhood.
  • Cc sometimes calls Grace Garce or Garcey.

Pairings Like This OneEdit

  • Elitoria, except just as/more close.

Official Fan RepresentationEdit

Official AnimalEdit

  • Horse, for obvious reasons.

Official PlaceEdit

  • Victorious Wiki chat because they met there

Official MascotEdit

  • Horses


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