Ccilo is the bootiful pairing of Cc and Vilo. TBQH, I'm amazed this doesn't have a page already.


  • So like, Cc and Vilo always talk.
  • Alwaaaaaaaays.
  • Vilo once said that he was talking to Cc and they were being all weird and not knowing what to talk about.
  • Apparently now they're bffls.
  • Cc left Vilo an epic birfday message.
  • And she tweeted him happy birfday.
  • And retweeted Mini's birfday message for him.
  • She's constantly crashing Mini's messages to Vilo.
  • They both have matching avatars.
  • Oh, right. So like Cc commented on the Milo page ewww yuck Milo saying "Who else thinks the official mascot should be milobabiezz?" and Vilo was all like "Who else thinks Cee is high?"
  • They have cute nicknames for each other. Vilo calls Cc, 'Cee' and Cc calls Vilo 'Vee'.


  • They both like TBBT.
  • They are both laame.

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