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Shipped Users

Catxcrazy and Minithepeanut

Start Date of Ship

November 27, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Cateanut is the pairing of Katze (Catxcrazy) and Mini (Minithepeanut).


  • Mini gave Katze her nickname within five minutes of meeting her.
  • They both wanted to make a pairing page together.
  • Katze found a giant gummy bear and told Mini to buy it for her.
    • Mini said they could share it.
  • They have both been on The Recess Wiki Chat and love the emoticon for (fml).
  • Mini has read Katze's fanfiction.
  • Mini said "To Catxcrazy: I LOVE YOU" and Katze replied with "AWW I LOVE YOU TOO"
  • Mini was excited that Katze got in The Roar Family because Mini got to be a grandmother.
  • Mini signed up for Katze's game Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Katze accepted Mini's character when Mini said that she was just twelve with really irresponsible parents.


  • They both ship Cade, Cabbie, Jori and Bade.
  • They both love Cat.
  • They both love ice cream.
  • They both love gummy bears
  • Cute dancing kitty

    This is Katze (right) and Mini (left) dancing like the spastics awesome people they are.

    They are both members of the Roar Family
  • Mini is Katze's grandmother in the Roar Family