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Start of Ship

Uh. A Month and a date.

I'll write the rest later

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Cataay is the awesome pairing of StraightACarl/aay and Cat/xcrazy.


  • Cxc helped Carlaay to insert pictures in comments.
  • For that, Carlaay had to pay Cxc multiple virtual dollars (up to $10,000).
  • They always have a great time on chat together - they chat very often.
  • Bear

    The picture Crazy used to show Carlaay how to insert pictures. xD

    Carlaay loves Dawnmist's Sade Fanfiction that Cxc helped co-write.
  • Carlaay is in Crazy's Cheese Family.
  • They have been on TinyChat a few times at the same time - Cxc was on webcam and Carlaay told her she finds her very cute and pretty.
  • They chat almost every day.


  • They both love Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin. They love Disney Princesses in general.
  • They both have the letter C in their username.
  • They both hate dislike LMFAO.

    Finally, she admits she's a fail! xD

  • Carlaay has a bestie in real life who has the same name as Cxc.
  • They both love @barelypolitical on YouTube.
  • They both hated disliked LMFAO's performance in New York City on New Year's Eve.
  • Both have been on TinyChat together before.
  • Both are awesome. Duh.