Caps Crew

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Ciria, InsaneBlueberry and Mrs.leohoward

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Caps Crew is the tri-ship of Ciria, Liz (InsaneBlueberry), and Mrs.leohoward.

Relationship DynamicEdit

Ciria and Liz came on the Wiki chat one time and they "corrupted" Mrs.leohoward with their obsessive CAPS talk. Ever since then, Mrs.leohoward has put CAPS by our names and we have been the official CAPS CREW since the beginning of this Wiki.

Shipping MomentsEdit

  • They all agreed on naming themselves the Caps Crew. Ciria and Mrs.leohoward usually call it the CAPS CREW whilst Liz calls it the Caps Crew. Obviously, this was written by Liz.
  • They love to talk in CAPS LOCK to each other a lot, thus their name.
  • They are all a part of the dark side... and they evidently have strait jackets according to Ciria.
  • They enjoy pretending they are all rulers and they are plotting against on another. They even talk in "Ye Olde" language.
  • Yeah, they're all still super close friends but they never update this page because they're lazy and there are too many moments to name.


  • This pairing name developed on Victorious Wiki Chat.
  • Liz has stated on her user page that this is one of her OTPs and she asbolutely loves this ship.

Fan RepresentationEdit

Place: The Victorious Wiki Chat - because this is where they originated.

That Thingy That Shows That We Are Meant To Be Together Always Mah Jig: The Keyboard - because this is where the CAPS LOCK button is located.

Clothing: Strait jacket