35108 121625051216219 100001061753218 148085 4855923 nClifford and Cait from..ehh..a long time ago XD Reffy's insane because she saved this random picture to her compooter xP>
General Information
Shipped Users Asian and Other Asian
Ship status Canon
Type of Ship Siblings
Start of Relationship When Caitlin was born

This is a story about control. While CAITFORD is the best pairing in the world ya uh huh ya it's a pairing of Caitlin and Clifford. Please dun ship this romantically, or you'll nevah get. your own. BACON TRUUUCK!!!


  • They're siblings, is that enough for you?
  • When pairing is mentioned in real life and both are present Caitlin is the one who reacts violently while Clifford just smiles ;D


  • .....They're siblings........and Asian.
  • They both love each other very much FAMILY-WISE

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