Shipped Users

BadeIsVictorious and BlazeSonic

Start of Relationship

August 2012

Ship Status


Type of Ship

Very Close Friends

BadeSonic is the user pairing between BadeIsVictorious, and BlazeSonic. Currently, they are very close friends, and both ship Bade.


  • They both ship Bade as their OTP.
  • Cabbie is their kryptonite for both users.
  • They both love Eliana.
  • They both ship Tandre
  • They both call each other crazy nicknames. Angie calls Blaze 'Bwazey', and Blaze calls Angie 'Angah'.
  • Both Angie and Blaze are crazy.
  • Both of their usernames start with 'B'.
  • They both have greenish eyes


  • They became friends since they met on chat
  • They go on the chat often,and,when they do,they always talk on PMs
  • They are very close friends and they never fight.

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