I have no idea what the heck it is, but I found it, so enjoy!

Shipped Users

BadeFanForever And ForeverObssesed

Start Date Of Ship

Since Badeh Was Born.

Ship Status

Canon, What Do You Expect?!

Type of Ship

Friendship/ Bruvahs For Life!

BadeFanObssesed is the pairing between BadeFanForever and ForeverObssesed.


  • ForeverObsessed was BadeFanForever's first friend on the wiki.
  • They are always seen together on the Victorious wiki chat.
  • BadeFanForever treats FO as her best friend.
  • Badeh thinks she knows FO's name she really doesn't.
  • FO is lonely without Badeh on chat xD.
  • They said theu luuuuuv each otha.
  • They both share their problems with one another.
  • They both like to sing random songs especially to annoy people *cough* Vilo you're one of them.
  • Badeh nowhere nears knows FO's name psssh, she thinks she's close to finding out wrong info hun.
  • Badeh knew that FO was a girl (that's a moment people).
  • They both think alike from time to time.
  • Sugaaa is what keeps them alive.
  • They both do dance.
  • Badeh and FO do the kinda style of dance.
  • FO LOVES Badeh's accent she seriously does.
  • FO was the fisrt viewer to see her YouTube video.
  • FO was the first person on the wiki to see what Badeh looks like. Uh huh.
  • Maybe one day Badeh might know FO's real name.


  • They both have many nicknames for each other, GoodGalacticBadeSuperSpeededNinja And GoodGalacticForevTypoFailureNinja.
  • They both say "peace".
  • FO knows Bade's real name.
  • Forever knows what Bade looks like.
  • They Are Bruvahs.
  • They have a band called the GoodGalacticNinjas.
  • FO knows how old Badeh is.
  • Badeh knows what she sounds like.
  • They both have some kinda British word play around.
  • They both say peace when someone leaves.
  • They both like to annoy Seggum.
  • They wuv each otha.
  • They follow each othaa on Twitta.
  • They like to TC alone.
  • Their rap goes like this:

Here it goes, Here It Goes I Still Like Sittin' In The Street, Poking All Those Noses, They Are Looking So Real Like All Those Photos. Trying To Help Them Up, But They Ain't Showing Up Drunk All My Coffee And Now I'm Sad. I'm also Gonna Throw A Fit And Be Really Mad, But Wait I got 5 bucks, I'm Gonna Go Get Starbucks. But Who Knows If The Story Ended Their 'Cause Right Now I'm Sure You Don't Really Care. This Was BadeFanForever And ForeverObsessed And You Just Got Powned 'Cause You Know Were The Best.

Things They Have In CommonEdit