Shipped Users

Ayamas4ever and Minithepeanut

Start Date of Ship

November 12, 2011

Ship Status


Type of Ship


Ayamin is the usership pairing of Ayamas4ever and Minithepeanut. They are good friends


  • The first time they spoke, Mini adopted Aya into The Roar Family.
  • They spoke on The Recess Wiki Chat and spammed with emoticons.
  • Mini said she would start calling Aya Jigglypuff because she kept adding Jigglypuff. Then changed it to Squirrel because she typed a squirrel emoticon.
  • They had a Pokebattle using only the emoticons for Mudkip and Jigglypuff.
  • Mini wrote a poem for Aya - that went like this:
    • Hiya Aya. You're so fly-a. If I ran a business, it's you i would hi-ya.


  • They are both Pokemon trainers now... Or something along those lines.
  • They both know some German.

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