Shipped Users:

Ant 157349 and NikzLovesJarlos


Very good friends (:



AntLovesJarlos is the pairing of Ant 157349 and NikzLovesJarlos. Another name for this could be NikzLoves157349. Anyways. What we say, goes.


  • They both LOVE Big Time Rush
  • They are both on the group of rushers
  • They follow each other in Twitter
  • Nikz calls Meg Mrs.Knight
  • Meg calls Nikz Mrs.Garcia
  • Nikz told a secret that no one ever knew to Ant
  • Nikz trusts Ant with personal stuff
  • Both love Harry Potter
  • Both LOVE Draco Malfoy
  • Both have a little crush on James
  • They both spend hours at a time DM'ing on Twitter

Fan RepresentationEdit

Place: Victorious Wiki Chat- they both met there

Song: If I Ruled The World- because they dance to it

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